Tales of a Filthy Casual on Everquest – Post Three – Project 1999 Green Server

I waited a little extra time before putting together another blog post to be sure I had some fun updates to share with you. Another problem with being a filthy casual is it takes a long time to do anything of note!

I finally took Glarkus out of Butcherblock Mountains. I went to the Ocean of Tears to turn in some Knight cards and even avoided dying. I remember falling off the boat back in the early 2000s and trying to swim to the zone line. I died somewhere out in the vast ocean and my corpse was never found. Good times… right. =) While I was waiting for the boat, a nice dwarf named Jameus was selling a Bull Smasher which was much preferred to my Rusty Broad Sword. I scraped up every plat, gold, silver, and even copper and then purchased it for 16pp.

After getting my fill of killing goblins in Butcherblock, I decided it was time to kill some Orcs in Greater Faydark. Upon zoning in, I immediately got a group at Orc Hill and then promptly realized I had forgotten how to get there in the intervening 15 years since I had been here! Luckily, my group was patient and waited for me to find them. Orc Hill was a blast and so was getting my hands on the coveted Crushbone Belts. Orc Hill and the surrounding areas were heavily camped which set off a fun fight for as many orcs as we could handle. I met some interesting people including a dwarf cleric named Stawnky who is a whiskey drinking fun loving mortician.

After I dinged level 8, it was time to enter the orc fortress of Crushbone. That brought back a wave of nostalgia as I’m sure it did for many of you as well. So many deaths for the Emperor Crush and Dvinn and SO MANY TRAINS!

Last night, I received my first group in Crushbone thanks to a druid named Renren. We took the Orc Trainer camp and what do you know.. I was there for about 5 minutes and the trainer popped.. dropping the SBS! We did 0 100 and I rolled a 95. Another druid named Flipp funnily grabbed it when he rolled a 93. He was gracious and gave it to me. After fighting for an hour or so, I bought some more CB belts and headed for Butcherblock. After 16 turnins.. barely Ding 9! It’s time for some spells!

I am contemplating rolling up a character that will start at Qeynos as I never started there back in the day. I am trying to decide on a class. Let me know your suggestions. No Paladin of course! =)

Congrats to Seal Team who are wiping the floor with the classic content!

Once again, shout outs to Jameus, Stawnky, and Renren!

Keep fighting out there, fellow Norrathians!

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