Veridian’s Curse Release Date – May 10th, 2023!

Some of you have asked if I am going to have another launch party.. and the answer is… YES! I am working on that now. I am targeting something later this month. That way, you can all get your paperbacks for me to sign!

Official time and place for the launch party is coming soon!

Book Description/Blurb:

The Society of the Leaf Chronicles Continues, Veridian’s Curse (Book Two)

In a search for answers, Cedric and his companions travel to the capital city of the Holy Order of the Verdant Guard. A simple mission to find answers becomes fraught with danger upon the Grand Lord’s death. Political intrigue, sinister plots, and the race to find the Cube threatens to throw the Empire into chaos.

Cedric’s personal struggles mount as he confronts the death of loved ones and his inability to grasp his newly acquired Spark. Only closure and a return to normalcy can save him. In the midst of his personal struggles, Veridian’s foundation crumbles with the death of the Grand Lord. High Lord Pellor seeks power at all costs to assure his Ascension to the throne. The Lady Eliza Dertian, Keeper of the Sigil and daughter of the Emperor, confronts Pellor and reveals a secret about the demise of her cousin and Worlin. Loreck’s search for the whereabouts of the Cube in the famous Archives of Veridian leads to shocking discoveries about the undercurrents of power in the city.

The squabbles of the world of men intertwine with the awesome power of the spiritual world. Dark powers swirl in the Empire’s holiest city along with a secret better left uncovered.

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