Tales of a Filthy Casual on Everquest – Post Two – Project 1999 Green Server

Tales of a Filthy Casual on Green Server

My first week on Green server was really fun!

I logged on the Friday night of the launch around 9pm. I had taken my kids to a Halloween event at a local zoo earlier in the night. Before I left for that event, I made sure I was all patched up and created my first three characters. Glarkus, dwarven Paladin (much like my live character who was my main). Nurian, a halfing druid and Loreck, a human cleric.

For those that have read Salvation’s Path, you should recognize the names Nurian and Loreck!

The Friday night of the launch was bananas in Butcherblock Mountains! Thankfully, the spawn times were reduced as I was still constrained to camping two single spawns of a goblin whelp and decaying dwarf skeleton for much of night. Despite that, it was great seeing the zone full of so many players. I didn’t really see any toxic behavior. In fact, I entered my first EQ group in probably 10-15 years. (When I play my char on live who is lvl 66, no one else playing is below lvl 85).

Big thank you to Kadrok for throwing me an invite!

On Saturday, I didn’t have much time to play. Though, for an hour or so, my six year old sat on my lap and we ran around Misty Thicket killing bats and rats. He had fun which was an awesome feeling for me since I have such fond memories of this game. One of his favorite things to do was run around in circles in the tunnel leading out from Rivervale. I’m sure other players either thought I was insane or was going link dead!

As the week wore on, I played for a few more hours, mostly at night after the kids were in bed. I got in several goblin camp groups in Butcherblock. Also, a big shoutout to a Paladin named Basherr. He was holding down the permacamped rats in the mine under Kaladim. He could have held it down and kept everyone away, but instead, he invited me and a few others to kill rats and get pelts. Turning in those pelts was the best experience I have received so far. Thanks, Basherr!

So far, I have a lvl 5 (almost 6) Paladin, a lvl 3 druid, and lvl 2 cleric. Not very impressive I know. I have been finding myself feeling anxiety that I am falling behind as I watch other players and streamers like LevelUp Larry and PantheistheHeathen far outpace me in levels.

Though Teal has launched, I plan on staying on Green for the foreseeable future.

That’s it for this installment. If you see Glarkus, Nurian, or Loreck running around. Feel free to send me a tell or a group invite. Looking forward to more fun times in Norrath!

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