Book Two Progress, Praise for Salvation’s Path, and Taxes are Fun?

Hello faithful readers!

It has been awhile since I have posted on my blog about well… anything at all. The holiday season kept me from writing, but I spent that time celebrating with family and friends. Watching your kids open their presents.. that pure excitement… well, that should inspire writers and non-writers alike to be better.

Book Two continues to chug along. I am currently at 57,000 words and most of the rest of the book is planned out. For those that know my writing style, having the rest of the book planned out is a major achievement. Though, my rambling mind and more importantly, the characters themselves will drive the story in the end. Before I truly got serious about my writing, I didn’t really understand other writers when they said their characters are alive. They are very much alive and send the story through interesting twists and turns.

I haven’t decided anything yet, but I have started to think of a title for Book Two. The story is coming together so nicely that it is time to start thinking about it.

For a writer, especially a recently published author, taxes are actually fun! You get to the section where it asks if you have a 1099-MISC and lo’ and behold, YOU DO! Royalties in box two! Granted, the number could be higher, but it is another reminder of what you have accomplished and gets you excited to keep going.

Salvation’s Path has received two more five star reviews in the past few weeks. Numerous others who Amazon have blocked from reviewing have come up to me to tell me how much they like the book.

I had someone tell me “the imagination and level of detail that’s in here is amazing.” Kind words that really bolster my confidence. For any writer, imposter syndrome is strong so these types of things push those emotions away for awhile.

Keep reading and keep creating!

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