Review of Shadow of a Dark Queen, Book One of the Serpent War Saga by Raymond Feist

Though I enjoyed this book, I have to say there is a good chance this book would have been denied by agents and publishers today. Some of the scenes between the main characters, Erik von Darkmoor and Roo Avery, and women are a bit cringeworthy. Also, there is quite a bit of info dumping which is frowned upon in today’s fantasy.

Also, the main characters are good. They really are! No anti-hero. No grey hero.

With those criticisms and observations in mind, I still loved the book and am reading book two now. Great stories have characters that you care about and you find yourself caring for Erik von Darkmoor despite his arc being traditional fantasy. In fact, I loved the character because of that. I see a little bit of my Cedric in Erik so that is probably why.

If you are looking for a quick page turner filled with action, I would recommend this book.

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