Writing Update and Review of Book Two of the Serpent War Saga

During the pandemic, my writing efforts on Book Two of the Society of the Leaf Chronicles came to a screeching halt. Between other responsibilities and being stuck at a section about a certain High Lord of Veridian, I didn’t find myself cranking out any words at all.

Luckily, I overcame that section over the last couple of weeks. The rest of the book is planned out so I just need to get it down on paper! Currently, the novel sits at 70k words and I anticipate it will be about as long as Salvation’s Path.

I did keep reading during my quarantine and I finished book two of the Serpent War Saga by Raymond Feist

Review: After the high flying action of book one which largely followed Erik, book two follows his boyhood friend named Roo (Rupert). Roo sets out to make his fortune and prove he can be more than any Avery ever has become. Really, most of the book is an “every man” story following the trade deals that make him rich in a very detailed way.

I like how Feist put in plenty of stumbling blocks for Roo throughout the book. Also, Roo’s many flaws shine throughout the story. You, as the reader, watch him knowing full well he is making a mistake, but you still enjoy watching him get out of it.

Book Two does a great job of setting up the rest of the series while letting you enjoy Roo’s rise to power and wealth.

Be on the lookout for Book Three’s review and more updates on Book Two of the Society of the Leaf Chronicles!

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